Photo by Natalie Carnley

Tower Extrusions Junior Golf Tournament concludes

The 11th annual Tower Extrusions Junior Golf Tournament was held at the Olney Country Club on Saturday, June 25. The tournament was rescheduled originally from June 4, due to excessive rain. The focus of the junior golf tournament is to help foster kid’s interest in golf. 

The results from the tournament are as follows:

Age 3-6 Boys and Girls

First place- Rifle McDowell (19)

Second place- Auston Moore (21)

Third place- Syndi Gaylor (23)

Fourth place- Rhett Ritter (24)

Others competing included: Kameron Betts, Julius Key, Ty Hagen Parker Gary, Jenna Widner, Brylan Frazier, Libby Lane, Emerald Edgington, Caly Johnson, Haylee Muncy, LaKyla Bartley, Christopher McElroy, Paxton Pittman, Kendall Bailey, McCrae Isbell and Cooper Tate.

Contests: Auston Moore took first in the Long Drive contest. Libby Lane took first in the chipping contest. Kendall Bailey took first in the girls putting competition and Auston Moore took first in the boys putting competition.

Age 7-9 Girls

First place- Hannah Gaylor (31)

Second place- Marlee Lane (49)

Third place- Katelynn Bailey (49)

Fourth place- Jolie Widner (53)

Others competing: Morgan Simmons (54). 

Contests: Hannah Gaylor took first in the Long Drive, Chipping and Closest to pin.

Age 7-9 Boys

First place- Caleb Johnson (28)

Second place- Cort Gaylor (29)

Third place- Jagger Nees (31)

Fourth place- Caden Lane (44)

Others competing included: Brody Hagle, Paxton Hembree, Luke Lane, Colby Johnson, Cody Cook, Reagen Calhoun and Sawyer Edgington.

Contests: Caleb Johnson took first in the Long Drive and Closet to pin. Cort Gaylor took first in the Chipping.

Age 10-12 Girls

First place- Payton Elliott (58)

Second place- Adelade Edgington (73)

Third place- Ellie Hinson (74)

Fourth place- Taaron Scrogum (75)

Others competing: Lucy Erhart (81)

Contests: Ellie Hinson took first in the Long Drive. Taaron Scrogum took first in chipping and Payton Elliott took first in the Closet to Pin.

Age 10-12 Boys

First place- Jace Berry (39)

Second place- Brady Lisle (52)

Third place- Riley Nix (56)

Fourth place- Zac Lindow (62)

Others competing: Cooper Lane and Justin Simmons.

Contests: Jace Berry took first in the Long Drive and Chipping. Cooper Lane was first in the Closest to Pin contest.

Age 13-18 Scramble (Full 18)

First place- Mattie and Jayton Barrington (75)

Second place- Carter Hinson and Cody Harvey (95)

Contests: Mattie Barrington took first in Long Drive, Chipping and Closest to Pin.

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