Sports Talk Charles Ramsey
Sports Talk Charles Ramsey

Sports Talk Charles Ramsey

PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. A virtue is behavior showing high moral standards. Patience is a quality that is definitely in short supply and isn’t necessarily taught anymore by parents or mentors. I don’t point this out without being a sufferer of impatience myself, but we are living in “gotta have what I want right now” times and nothing short of complete internet outage looks to change that. By next year who knows about that little bit of prophecy. We order things we want online, and we are given quick fix solutions to problems that developed over time and pretend like everything should just happen overnight. It’s a sad situation really and I would think Envy has a role in this.

Much like in sports, where flocks of fans (sheep) point to a shepherd (coach) and say take us to the land of plenty (wins not losses) or else we will trade you in for a new shepherd. This is what has happened in Lubbock with Texas Tech head football coach Matt Wells and to an extent in Fort Worth with Texas Christian University head football coach Gary Patterson. (Who brought the program to where it is today.) Even first-year University of Texas head football coach Steve Sarkisian is hearing the talk from impatient fans that maybe his predecessor (Tom Herman) wasn’t really that bad. Well, anyone that can believe the success or failure of a team in year one for a coach is all due he, her or him is mistaken. Coaching is about build

Coaching is about building your culture and convincing young athletes to buy into what you tell them or else they can lose hope and then a coach is truly on the way out. Maybe with today’s young athletes it’s now or never but I do know that fans need to practice PATIENCE. That high moral standard I mentioned at the start. Also, head coaches shouldn’t have assistants living with strippers that have monkeys that bite trick or treaters but that is for another time.

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