Sports Talk with Charles Ramsey
Sports Talk with Charles Ramsey

Sports Talk with Charles Ramsey

Hello, friends and neighbors reading this fine newspaper. I want to start off with an apology for missing last week. I know we are all busy at times but I never realized how much time a career in radio would occupy during a week back when I was a police detective wishing I was doing what I do now. Though, I couldn’t compare my week to that of a local newspaper with true deadlines and events to cover. (Many kudos to you, William Sadler)

It has been a crazy two weeks since I last wrote and I can start off by stating I am a fan of bye weeks. Olney needed one, Munday needs one and Seymour will be glad to have theirs. I am particularly a fan of bye weeks right before district play begins. Shad Hanna at Archer City frequently schedules his team’s bye week at the beginning and starts the Wildcats season in week two.

The district that encompasses our listening area at SportsTalk 1230 AM is District 6 of Class 2A Division II with five of the six teams in the district well within reach to pick up our daytime signal. Quanah is the only town likely out of reach. While we are required to feature Seymour sports on the FM at KSEY, I am afforded a bit of flexibility to branch out and showcase the other programs in District 6.

The coaches of all of these programs (Archer City, Munday, Olney and the six man teams in our area) have been very helpful and we feature each of them in our season preview every August. What I would like to see going forward is more interaction from their players and fans on our social media and our broadcasts. Cory Hogue and I love to talk high school football as well as the college teams in the region and Dallas Cowboys football.

The favor I am asking is that if you read this and would like to support the program, then “like” us on your social media (SportsTalk 1230) and feel free to interact with us by leaving your comment at and I will read it on the air.

We are currently the only sports talk program in the Wichita Falls/Texas Rolling Plains area that covers local sports and I would love to continue this work and grow our brand. We appreciate your help in this endeavor.

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