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Opportunities Abound in the Field of Engineering

Engineering is a vital component of many industries. Engineers affect nearly every aspect of daily life, and a career in engineering can be both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

According to PayScale.com, degrees in the STEM fields, which focus on science, technology, engineering, or math, continue to be at or near the top of the siteÕs College Salary Report. Engineering seems to be an especially lucrative degree to have. In fact, the 2018 report found that three of the top four highest paying jobs for people with a bachelorÕs degree were in the field of engineering.

A high salary is certainly enticing, but many professional engineers feel their jobs are more than just a paycheck, as overcoming the challenges posed by a career in engineering can lead to great personal satisfaction.

The various disciplines within the field of engineering attract students from all walks of life, making engineering an attractive career path for young people with an array of skillsets and interests. The following are just some of the many potential career opportunities for students who earn degrees in engineering.

- Electrical and electronics engineer: Technology is vital to daily life in the 21st century, and electrical and electronics engineers play an integral role in making the connected world a reality. Electrical engineers work on everything from computers to wireless networks to automobiles and aircrafts.

- Chemical engineer: Combining the principles of biology, chemistry, economics, mathematics, and physics, chemical engineers strive to convert chemicals, energy and other materials into useful products. Chemical engineers work in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, petroleum, energy, and manufacturing. Some chemical engineers focus on research, while others may work on quality control or safety procedures.

- Computer engineer: Whether using their smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops, few people now go a full day without using some type of computer. They have computer engineers, who create and improve existing computer technologies, to thank for that. Computer engineers may focus their efforts on wireless networks, the internet or other systems that businesses and people rely on every day.

- Mechanical engineer: Mechanical engineers are involved in the research, design and development of machinery. Such machinery may include medical devices, appliances people have in their homes that they use every day or turbines.

The field of engineering can be rewarding and lucrative. Becoming a professional engineer requires years of schooling, but the rewards of such a pursuit can be well worth the effort.

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