Olney ISD celebrates athletes at annual banquet

On May 16, Olney High School [OHS] Athletic Department hosted the end-of-year athletic banquet. OHS Athletics has had a successful year in many areas, including a District title for the Olney Cubs Football team after 21 years. This year, golf and track had great success, with teams going to Regionals. Other Cub and Lady Cub sports were acknowledged for progressing although the teams did not make it to the playoffs.

The following are Cub and Lady Cub athletes highlighted for the OHS 2021-22 school year:

A single student-athlete who strived for greatness and succeeded by obtaining the honor of being inducted into the OHS Hall of Fame was Sarah Stroud. Stroud was touted as an exceptional example of an Olney ISD student in athletics.

This year, the recipients earned the prestigious

Charlie Davis Award: Kami Bednarz, Brie Hagle and Luis Marquez. The Charlie Davis Award is awarded for a student’s outstanding character and athleticism.

The Cub Pride Award is handed out to a student-athlete who excelled in each of the OHS sports teams: Football-Luis Marquez, Volleyball-Kami Bednarz, Girls Basketball-Kami Bednarz, Boys Basketball-Peyton Kulhanek, Girls Track-Abi Ramirez-Boys Track-Luis Marquez, Softball-Olivia Enriquez, Baseball-Colin Mason, Girls Golf-Chloe Neal, Boys Golf-Gatlin Guy, Cross Country-Ozzy Hernandez and Sarah Stroud.

Each year the OHS Athletic Department awards the Block O Award to students for lettering, athletic excellence and being recognized for District and State teams as well as other honors not directly associated with OHS but with outside organizations. Recipients of the Block O Award are:

Football: Luis Marquez-Lineman Of The Year, Second Team All-State Center Padilla Poll, Second Team All-State Center Sports Writers Association, FCA All-Star Football Selection, Oil Bowl All-Star Football Selection; Gatlin Guy-Offensive MVP, Red River 22 Athlete And Academic All-District; Jordan Jacoba-First Team Defensive Lineman; Noah Enriquez-First Team Linebacker, Hm Tackle; Haydon Carter-First Team Guard, Hm All State Guard; Peyton Valdez-First Team Tackle, Academic All-District; Cole Turner-second Team Kicker, Second Team Punter, Second Team Running Back, Second Team Safety, Hm All State DB; Luis Castillo-Second Team Defensive End; Tavon Scrogum-Second Team Linebacker, Hm TE; Cyler Sosa-Second Team Outside LB, Hm Running Back; Jovani Rockmore-Second Team Running Back; Axel Flores -Hm Corner; James Coleman-Hm Safety; Colin Mason-Hm Running Back; Cye Dixon-HS Mention Special Teams; Camron Mccomack-Hm Running Back, Hm Safety, Academic All-District; Jose Olvera-Hm Receiver; Jonathan Melchor-All-District Pride; Angel Alvorado-Academic All-District; Cooper Lane-Academic All-District; Benny Fuselier-Hm Guard; AB Marquez-Bi-District Champion; Luis Villeda-Bi-District Champion; Brady Lisle-Bi-District Champion; Donny Welsh-Bi-District Champion; Nick Castro-Bi-District Champion.

Cross-Country: Sarah Stroud-Regional Qualifier, Abi Ramirez-Regional Qualifier, Brie Hagle-Regional Qualifier, Nita Roath-Regional Qualifier, Mallory Jeske-Regional Qualifier, Tyana Kinney-Regional Qualifier and Nataley Kelly-Regional Qualifier.

Volleyball: Abbey Guerra-Playoffs, Jaylee Carr-Playoffs, Brie Hagle-Playoffs, Aubrey Mahler-Playoffs, Natalie Del Villar-Playoffs, Sarah Green-Playoffs, Peyton Elliott-Playoffs, Sarah Roach-Playoffs and Kami Bednarz-Playoffs, Hm All-District.

Girls Basketball: Abi Ramirez-Hm All-District, Keirah Wilk-Hm All-District, Academic All-District, Kami Bednarz-first Team All-District, Academic All-District, Sarah Stroud-second Team, All-District, Academic All-District, Abby Guerra-Second Team All-District, Academic All-District, Ellie Hinson-Academic All-District and Lexi Paul-Academic All-District.

Boys Basketball: Oswaldo Hernandez-Hm All-District, Academic All-District, Peyton Kulhanek-Second Team All-District, Academic All-District, Cole Turner-Second Team, Cooper Lane-Academic All-District, Tavon Scrogum-First Team and Gatlin Guy-All Defense/Hustle, Academic All-District.

Boys Track: Luis Marquez-Area Qualifier Shot/ Discus, Regional Qualifier Shot/Discus, Gatlin Guy-Area Qualifier Discus, Noah Enriquez-Area Qualifier 800, Colin Mason-Area Qualifier 100, Ace Scribbs-Area Qualifier PV and Cyler Sosa-Area Qualifier PV.

Golf: Cooper Lane-Regional Qualifier, Gatlin Guy-District Champion, Regional Qualifier, Brady Lisle-Regional Qualifier, Caleb Johnson-Regional Qualifier, Chloe Neal-District Runner-Up, Regional Qualifier, Peyton Elliot-Regional Qualifier, Cate Rodriguez-Regional Qualifier, Ellie Hinson-Regional Qualifier, third Place District, Allie Barrington-Regional Qualifier and Natalie Rodriguez-Regional Qualifier.

Not all sports can be reported on because ongoing competition is not complete.