Olney ISD’s Volleyball program
Olney ISD’s Volleyball program

Olney ISD’s Volleyball program progressing well

With the Olney ISD volleyball program still in its infancy as far as sports programs go, it is hard to see just how well the program is doing when you don’t see a check in the win column or see 25 points up on the board.

Olney ISD’s volleyball director and the head coach over the JV Lady Cubs had this to say about the progress of the volleyball program, “Our program as a whole is still getting better. We don’t necessarily have to have 25 points on the scoreboard to tell we are getting better. Some of my players take leaps and some take baby steps but overall, we are still moving in the right direction. Volleyball is a huge momentum game and when you lose the intensity of the game, you are only beating yourself. There’s no such thing as a quiet, good volleyball player. That is what I am trying to teach them. Be loud, be crazy on the bench, be overpowering at the net even if it’s just your body language and yelling. I have 4 cheerleaders on our JV team and it’s very helpful at times when we need a pick-me-up. We still have a lot of work to do, but I know overall we are going forward.”

The Freshmen Lady Cubs head coach had had this to say about the overall progression of the Freshmen Lady Cubs, “Overall, we are seeing a lot of improvement and are excited about the direction the program is headed! The girls continue to show improvement every week and every game. We are working hard to perfect our passing and working out the kinks in our rotations to find combinations that work the best. We know we have a way to go, but we are proud of how far the girls have come in the two short years we’ve had a high school program. We continue to look forward to growth in both teams and see how far they will go this year!” Please come out to support your Lady Cubs and let them know how proud you are of their effort. Fight on Lady Cubs!!!

Fight on Lady Cubs!!!

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