OJH competed in Kirby’s State Qualifer Meet

On Saturday, February 29th, the OJH TMSCA team competed in Kirby’s State Qualifier Meet. The teams that competed in this meet were divisions 1A-5A. These teams included students from Wylie West Junior High, McNeil Junior High, Whitesboro Middle School, Kirby Middle School, Paradise Junior High, Wylie East Junior High, City View Junior High, Muenster Junior High, Seymour Middle School, Travis Middle School (Quanah), Springtown Middle School, Barwise Middle School, and Olney Junior High. We are pleased to report that Olney Junior High placed 2nd in the overall sweepstakes.

In the overall team rankings (1A-5A)to determine Sweepstakes, OJH placed: 5th in Number Sense (Bitner, Alvarado, Hernandez, Valdez); 2nd in Calculator (Hinson, Alvarado, Bitner, Marquez); 3rd in Mathematics (Bitner, Valdez, Alvarado, Guy); 8th in Science (Valdez, Bitner, Jeske, Guy); *These teams are determined by the highest scoring members from a school. These teams are a combination of 6th-8th grade. The names listed are in order of highest achieving scores: In the 2A division team rankings, OJH placed: 1st in Number Sense (Bitner, Alvarado, Hernandez, Valdez); 1st in Calculator (Hinson, Alvarado, Bitner, Marquez)1st in Mathematics (Bitner, Valdez, Alvarado, Guy); 1st in Science (Valdez, Bitner, Jeske, Guy); *These teams are determined by the highest scoring members from a school. These teams are a combination of 6th-8th grade. The names listed are in order of highest achieving scores. Individual Results:8th Grade: 8th Number Sense: 3rd Angel Alvarado, 4th Florivonee Hernandez, 5th Peyton Valdez, 10th (t) Gatlin Guy and Ellie Hinson; 8th Calculator: 1st Ellie Hinson, 3rd Angel Alvarado, 4th Florivonne Hernandez, 7th Gatlin Guy, 8th Desiree Englishbee: 8th Mathematics:1st Peyton Valdez, 3rd Angel Alvarado, 6th Gatlin Guy, 9th Desiree Englishbee, 10th Ellie Hinson; 8th Science: 1st Peyton Valdez, 4th Mallory Jeske, 6th Gatlin Guy; 7th Grade: 7th Number Sense: 1st Aidyn Bitner, 3rd Caleb Johnson, 7th Joselyn Marquez, 10th Brody Hagle; 7th Calculator: 1st Aidyn Bitner, 2nd Joselyn Marquez, 4th Caleb Johnson; 7th Mathematics: 1st Aidyn Bitner, 2nd Caleb Johnson, 5th Joselyn Marquez; 7th Science: 2nd Aidyn Bitner; 6th Grade: 6th Number Sense: 1st Morgan Simmons, 2nd (t) Adrian Gonzalez, 8th Isaac Raihan, 9th Jeffry Flores, 10th Luke Lane; 6th Calculator: 1st Luke Lane, 4th Isaac Raihan, 5th Jeffry Flores, 6th Morgan Simmons, 10th (t) Logan Vega; 6th Mathematics: 2nd Cheyanne Burger, 3rd Morgan Simmons, 4th Jeffry Flores, 6th (t) Adrian Gonzalez, 8th Isaac Raihan; 6th Science: 4th Adrian Gonzalez, 7th Caden Lane, 8th Cheyanne Burger

For that meet, the only way to qualify for state is by an individual score. The following individuals have qualified in the following areas on their first and/or second attempt! Angel Alvarado (8th grade)-Number Sense, Calculator and Mathematics: Florivonne Hernandez (8th grade)-Number Sense; Ellie Hinson (8th grade)-Calculator; Peyton Valdez (8th grade)-Number Sense, Calculator, Mathematics, and Science; Aidyn Bitner (7th grade)-Number Sense, Calculator, Mathematics and Science; Caleb Johnson (7th grade)-Number Sense, Calculator, Mathematics; Joselyn Marquez (7th grade)-Number Sense and Calculator; Katelynn Bailey (6th grade)-Number Sense, Calculator, Mathematics; Cheyanne Burger (6th grade)-Mathematics; Jeffry Flores (6th grade)-Mathematics; Adrain Gonzalez (6th grade)-Number Sense; Jason Graham (6th grade)-Number Sense; Caden Lane (6th grade)-Number Sense; Luke Lane (6th grade)-Calculator; Isaac Raihan (6th grade)-Calculator; Morgan Simmons (6th grade)-Number Sense and Mathematics.

The last qualifying meet will be March 7th in Azle. Students will be able to qualify by individual score, team and ranking.

16 students qualifying for the State TMSCA meet has broken the record for Olney! To this point, that is the most that OISD has even taken to San Antonio! We look forward to Saturday and feel more students will qualify in Azle. We are so very proud of these hard working and dedicated students!

Please help me in congratulating all of our TMSCA students as well as Dr. Roach! Very proud!

Mrs. Barrientes

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