Lil’ Cubs end the season with a dash

Lil’ Cubs end the season with a dash

On June 5, the Olney ISD coaches led by Coach Jason Powers, began the last day of the Little Cub Relay events. There were countless little cubs at the event, which included dashes, relays and the long jump. There was plenty of excitement in the air with plenty of laughter mixed with all the huffing and puffing from the little runners.

Coach Powers said, “The Lil’ Cub Relays was started in order to give the community in Olney a way to get their children involved in athletics without having to travel. The cost was $15 in order to keep the price low in order to get more kids involved. We had 81 kids sign up and participate this year. Next year we are trying to get our numbers up to 100. The goal of this is to get kids involved and have a good experience with sports at a young age.”

According to Coach Powers, who helped put this together and ran the event, “The first year of this program was a huge success. There were over 80 kids out here, all from Olney, that competed this year. From the feedback I have received, everyone had a positive experience. This was designed to just be for Olney kids in order not only get them excited about sports but also begin to give them an edge when they start working their way through Junior High and High School.”

Because of this program and many more summer programs like it, kids in the Olney ISD and surrounding areas will have a huge advantage once the school year begins. They will be mentally as well as physically prepared to jump right into the Olney ISD sports programs. Some of the other summer programs that have already been attended or will be attended this summer are: a football camp put on by Coach Jody Guy, Head Coach of the Olney Cubs and Olney ISD Athletic Director, a basketball camp put on by Coach Dylan Ballard and Coach Kourtney Holyfield, along with many other camps. Most camps have and had many of Olney ISD Coaches pitching in to make the camps a complete success. To find out more about summer programs or Olney ISD events, please visit their website at

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