Lady Cubs vs. Panthers

Lady Cubs vs. Panthers

Jan. 26, the Lady Cubs were on the road to take on longtime rival - the Lady Panthers. The Lady Cubs kept it close during first half play but failed to keep up with the Panthers.

Panthers won by a score of 41-17.

In the first quarter, #22 Kami Bednarz came away with 2 under the basket and #4 Keirah Wilks was on point with 3, shooting from the outside.

The second quarter was another close period with the Lady Cubs scoring 8, and Lady Panthers scoring 9. #15 Abby Guerra scored 5 points, a jumper and 3 free-throws. #11 Paul let one fly from the outside for 3. Lady Panthers #21 Stroebel led the way for the team with a 3 pointer for the second period.

In the third quarter Lady Cubs scored 2 and the Lady Panthers scored 12. The #3 Abigail Ramirez with a lone bucket scored the 2 from the third quarter. On the Lady Panthers side of the ball - #5 Decker scored 7 points.

In the fourth quarter #12 Sarah Stroud made 2 free-throws.

The Panthers pressed the Cubs hard with #40 Andrade hitting for 2 and placing 6 free-throws on the board, #13 Jones swooshed a 3 pointer, #5 Decker was good for 2 and #11 Simek was good for a free-throw.

Fight on Lady Cubs!!!

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