Eighth-grade Cubs overwhelmed by Indians

The eighth-grade football team lost against Haskell on Thursday with a score of 36- 0.

The battle was well fought and was in control for the young cubs well into the third quarter.

The defense struggled most of the night trying to stop the Haskell offense and consistently moved the ball on the offensive side but could not put the ball in the end zone.

The offense was led by Walker Kulhanek, with very important blocks up front including Oscar Flores, Donovan Valdez, Jason Martinez, Will Bernhardt, Morgan Wilk, Hector Hernandez, Gabriel Compton, Gary Turner, Vincent Guerra, Chase Dobbs and Ronald Dyer.

The offensive backfield is led by Antonio Tellez and includes Jamarkus Steverson and Brian Hernandez.

The outside receiver crew is very fluent and is run by Able Tellez, Houston Hare, Aiden Phillips and Gavin Cardenas. The team leader is Carter Hinson and he was absent due to an illness. This group is the future of the Olney Cubs and will be a force to be reckoned with sooner than later. The young Cubs will play Stamford on Thursday and will restart and work to improve the outcome of the remaining schedule.