• Cubs vs Alvord in final game

Cubs vs Alvord in final game

Friday, Nov. 8th, the Olney Varsity Cubs traveled to Alvord to face off against the Bulldogs for the Cubs final game of the season.

The Cubs fought harder than I have seen them fight in any previous game this season. Fans could see the fire in their eyes as the Cubs gave everything they had and then some. In the end, it was not enough with the Cubs losing to the Bulldogs 62- 22.

Some highlights include a long pass from no. 7 Gabe Garza to no. 10 Carter Hinson. Hinson ran it in for a Cub touchdown. No. 5 Brian Hernandez and no. 67 Hector Hernandez were pushing hard on defense with numerous tackles from behind the line. No. 5 Brian Hernandez ran one in for a Cub touchdown after breaking three tackles to cross the goal line. As the Cubs wrap up another season of Friday night lights, they should hold their heads high and remember not all lessons or achievements end with a win. Sometimes it is how you played the game. These Cubs played with heart, determination and honor.

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