Photo by Kyle Borne
Photo by Kyle Borne
Photo by Kyle Borne

Cubs Football holds scrimmage against Electra

The Olney Cubs played their first scrimmage at home against Electra on Friday night. Friday’s scrimmage was the first public view of the 2016 Cubs.

Friday evening started off with warm-ups and practice drills. The scrimmage got fully underway at around 6:15 p.m., when Electra worked through some offensive possessions against the Cub Defense. Scores are not kept in Texas High School scrimmages. Instead, the teams work through different offensive and defensive sets.

Olney went to work on defense first, and the Cubs struggled against the Tiger rushing attack. The Tiger varsity quarterback and running backs scampered for some large and quick gains. The first was a 60 yard run on the outside on the second play of the first drive. That resulted in a quick touchdown and Electra was able to quickly reset with a new offensive series.

The Tiger’s Quarterback Montanna Hernandez then busted out for another large rushing gain, and the Electra running back Drake Cooper then pounded it in for another score. 

The Cub defense tightened up as the scrimmage progressed and a stop was made. Electra’s Hernandez had another scamper that resulted in another touchdown for the Tigers.

Things were still a little rough for the Cubs when they took control on offense. The first snap was fumbled on the first possession. Olney quickly picked up and had some offensive successes.

Cubs quarterback Brent McCorkle looked pretty solid in the scrimmage. He had a 20 yard gain to get things started for the Cubs. He was also able to scramble efficiently and made many good throws. The Cubs were effective on offense spreading the ball around, but Electra’s defense was tight inside of the redzone.

The Cubs junior varsity took the field after the varsity and then got a chance of their own to get some scrimmage work in.

Friday’s home scrimmage was a good opportunity for both squads to see where they are at during game situations, and the coaching staffs from both schools will have some training opportunities based upon what they saw in Friday night’s scrimmage.

The Cubs get one more scrimmage before they start the 2016 season on Friday, Aug. 26, against Jacksboro. The Cubs will head up to Wichita Falls to scrimmage City View on Thursday, Aug. 18 at 6 p.m.