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Cubs come out of hibernation

August 5, the Olney Cubs hit the practice field to begin training for the upcoming football season. Sweat, hard work and determination could be seen by watching the Cubs as they were put through the paces and drills of practice.

Head Football Coach and Olney ISD Athletic Director Jody Guy had this to say: Coach Guy is looking to increase the amount of wins this season. “The learning curve is not as steep this year” these guys have been in the system for a bit, meaning school football programs. Coach Guy says “we have a good group of seniors to lead the team” which should help with taking charge over the less experienced kids. With 22 varsity players this year the football program is in good shape.

The roster has yet to be set in stone but a few have caught the coaches’ attention. With a few spots still up in the air as to wither they will be Junior Varsity or Varsity there is still time for some players to step up and show that they are varsity material.

Coach Guy closed by saying “ I look forward to seeing the community come out to support us and we hope to give them something to be proud of.”

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