Cub Center Chats by Pat Curtis

Cub Center Chats by Pat Curtis

Welcome to October! Aah, what a delightful downpour we received to close out September with a big splash! The much-needed ‘drink’ this parched land gratefully accepted has brought flower gardens back to life with glorious blooms from pale pink to exotic raspberry reds. Rain does seem to affect the human faces, bringing more smiles and friendly greetings from strangers who joyfully open doors or wish you a blessed day. The urge to splash in a puddle or two brings back memories from childhood when running barefoot through such puddles was an urge not to be denied.

An added bonus of a pounding rain is removing all the bug juice from splattered windshields with what I call ‘intestinal fortitude.’ Sitting in the car as rain pelts away on it is a delight all by itself. May we have many more such delights.

If you can’t remember if you are registered to vote, you can easily check your status on the Texas Secretary of State website. Voting is an important responsibility that should not be taken lightly, so make sure you ARE registered and GO vote! Texas constitutional amendments will be on the ballot, so voice your opinion, be a partner in lawmaking in our state.

Cell Phones: Good or Bad?

There are probably as many opinions as there are people. It depends on the user. Today I’d like to focus on the good. A smartphone can certainly make more information available to you within seconds. Proof of insurance cards can be presented with just a tap on an app (handy if stopped by DPS). Boarding passes for flights can be ready as quickly as a finger tap. You can make notes or reminders for yourself and always have a calendar at your fingertips. The ability to retrieve a person’s name and phone number is so convenient and a time saver. Texting is a way to reach people without demanding the immediate attention of a response. People are busy! They have jobs and responsibilities! By texting, you can leave a message with instructions or requests. They are then free to respond when they can. Be courteous and respectful. If you need help navigating your phone apps, just ask a child for help. (grin)

Thank you to those who made memorial donations to Cub Center this week; we appreciate you for your generosity and for the tribute you paid your friend.

Olney lost a couple of great men this past week. Bill Hearne was a fun guy to be around; he came to Cub Center for lunch nearly every day and enjoyed visiting with his tablemates, the Fikes. He had a sweet tooth that needed more than one cookie to satisfy, so he received a bit of teasing about that. He is sorely missed. Carroll Woolley was a recent acquaintance of mine who impressed me with his fun nature and his intellect. He led beautiful prayers and had such a fervent attitude toward the teaching profession. He served as Chair of the Scholarship Committee for the Olney Area Retired School Personnel Association and also served on the Audit and Finance Committee. These two men are sincerely missed; condolences to the families of both men.

Don’t forget these dates: Pancake Breakfast-Oct.16, Veterans Day-Nov.11, ‘Soup’er Bowl Sunday-January, Cake raffles are often held on these special days-Yum!

Birthdays for next week: Candy Calderon 10/3, Brenda Prustow 10/8, Wade Fikes 10/10. Give these people a pat on the back or a cheerful greeting on their special days.

“Let others share your sunny days, and you will find it true that others will be glad to share the rainy days with you.”

Remember, it takes both the rain and the sunshine to make a rainbow. Have a great week!

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