Young County Republicans Chair Speaks: Life.

Every so often I step out of my truck to open a gate on the farm and stand there for a moment taking in a breath savoring the aroma of green grass mixed with a hint of earthen soil. At this moment I say a silent prayer to God grateful that I am alive and born unto this place and time of Young County, Texas, USA. I believe that a person’s political perspective should begin with an irrefutable foundation and my foundation starts with life.

For me, life and living have separate meanings. Living is just our existence in the circumstances we find ourselves in from day to day whereas life is existing in the freedoms we must choose how we live and under what constraints we are willing to impose on ourselves and community. It sounds like a cliché, but life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the foundations of a free society. Without liberty, we cannot fully experience life, nor pursue those things that make living enjoyable. No other country in the world has expressed the foundation of life and liberty into its governing framework; no other country has the natural resources in such abundance to facilitate an economy that we enjoy in the pursuit of a happy life.

Yes, there are challenges to achieve the individual’s level of happiness, but the truth is if you have any change at all in your pocket, you are among the wealthiest of the world. So, the mere fact of living in the USA puts us in an enviable position of everyone else in the world, with more opportunity for life than any other. But how we treat life as a society matters as well.

The history of the world is marked with violence against humanity. Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin were bad people. Together they are responsible for exterminating some 24 million people leading up to the end of WWII. These were deaths of ethnic populations that were deliberately starved to death, shot or gassed in chambers to rid their countries of their existence because they were deemed undesirable by their government. These deaths were also supported or allowed by a society that was either unwilling or powerless to stop those they had put in power.  Hitler and Stalin are remembered as bad people and rightly so. We the Americans stepped in and ended these genocides by defeating the Nazis in 1945. We are the good guys, we believe in life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and we will oppose any tyrant or despot that challenges our life and liberty. Right?

But according to , over 61 million (and counting) abortions have been recorded in the U.S. since it was declared legal in Roe v. Wade, 1973.  And just recently the Democratic controlled New York state assembly cheered the expansion of abortion access for their state, guaranteeing abortion in New York should federal legislation impose limits. Proposed Democrat legislation in Virginia was only one vote away from allowing abortions up to just before birth. A situation where if the baby were alive after the abortion procedure, it would be kept “comfortable” for 48 hours during which time the mother would be consulted on her wishes for the child. The “aborted” child would then be terminated if the mother so desired. The undesirable is exterminated. But I thought that only happened during the Holocaust!

I stated that my political foundation begins with life which includes respect for all life from the unborn to the elderly. Each should have the same respect to live life in liberty and the pursuit of that which brings happiness to that life. Hitler and Stalin are proclaimed as mass murderers, but they were not alone in their crimes. They had willing accomplices from their society at large and those that put them in power and allowed their power to remain. I see no difference in our American culture today. What justification under Heaven can one sit by and allow systemic infanticide? There is a political party that has been for life and the free man since Abraham Lincoln. Now there is a Death party – celebrating the extermination of its own citizens. I choose Life.

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Kyle Milam

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