Young County Republicans Chair Kyle Milam Speaks: The Real Collusion

The much-awaited Mueller report is out and yes THERE WAS COLLUSION and OBSTRUCTION in the 2016 presidential campaign – but it wasn’t Donald Trump. A hoax and travesty have been perpetrated on the American people and at our taxpayer’s expense. The special council was charged with investigating whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russian agents to affect the outcome of the 2016 election and then obstructed justice in determining the offense. After two years of investigation, the Mueller report absolved the Trump campaign of colluding with the Russians and could find no evidence of obstructing justice. Case closed – for Donald Trump.

The story should end here, but as the facts unfold, it is evident that Donald Trump, the Trump family, and the Trump Campaign are victims of a hoax and that there is a two-tiered justice system. We now know that the FISA warrants that began the surveillance operation into the Trump campaign were obtained on fraudulent information, namely the “Steele Dossier.” The Steele Dossier was developed by a former British agent and paid for by the Hillary Clinton Campaign as opposition research. The “dossier” contained fabricated information and facts that could not be corroborated, or in some instances were corroborated to be false. This info was handed to the Obama FBI who developed a strategy to obtain warrants to spy on Trump. Because the FBI knew the dossier had holes and could not stand on its own, it was leaked to a friendly reporter who mentioned the “dossier” in a news report. Now that the “dossier” was reported in the press, it was given enough validity for the FISA court to authorize wiretapping Trump Tower, the campaign and Trump associates. Perpetrators of this hoax within the FBI were either declared Democrats or contributed to the Hillary Clinton Campaign. So the Trump campaign was spied on by the opposition party using the weight of the Obama Department of Justice. Once Trump won the election, then the same Obama FBI went into full gear to secretly obtain evidence that would remove Trump. It was an attempted coup within our government.

And so for two years, the media and never-Trumpers have been rabidly accusing Trump of colluding with foreign agents and then obstructing justice to conceal guilt. Quite the contrary, for the REAL COLLUSION and OBSTRUCTION, was perpetrated by HILLARY CLINTON. Where is the outcry from media outlets that Hillary colluded with a British agent to affect the outcome of an election? Where is the charge of obstructing justice by providing false and misleading information (Steeler dossier) to a court of law, namely the FISA court? Where is the outcry that the sitting opposition party, Obama, used FBI resources to spy on political opponents? Republicans are raising as many questions as they can, but it is being ignored or buried in the major media outlets to deny Trump and the Trump family the validation they deserve.

The hypocrisy of the Democrat administrations and the media could never be more apparent. The media and the Obama Department of Justice ignored Hillary Clinton’s collusion, refused to bring charges for destroying evidence and mishandling classified information at the State Department, and then went full throttle against her Republican opponent and eventual President. It is a two-tiered justice system, and that is a travesty that should concern every American. If you are a Democrat there is no wrongdoing, “nothing to see here,” and you get a free pass from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Washington Post. If you are Republican, it is an all-out onslaught to bring you down regardless of facts and you are trashed daily by all the media outlets. The media used to serve as a watchdog against the government overreach and nefarious actions by politicians. But what is now termed as news is propaganda for one party and against the other. I think the swamp is much bigger than Trump or any of us realize.

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