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Will B. Voting

There are two sides to the battle of whether cats are better than dogs.

I will forever be a dog person. I have always been a dog-lover. We did have cats from time to time. There was one occasion that turned me off cats forever though. It was about eight or 10 years ago. We lived in apartments at the time. There was a window above my head on my side of the bed which we liked to leave open on pleasant evenings. One of our cats started climbing up there at nights to nap in the window ledge. For whatever reason one night he jumped down from the window and landed right on my head. She continued to do this a few more times before we finally started having to lock her out of the room at night--this was no small annoyance either. The last two times she did it she cut up my face with her claws. That was the beginning of the end for me for liking cats anymore. I know cats are by nature are selfish and do things as they please, which I was always willing to overlook, but this last bit of behavior was the final straw.

Dogs, on the other hand, are loyal, protective, loving and obedient to name a few qualities. It goes so much deeper than that, though. A dog seems to know when you’ve had a bad day or when you are feeling down. They don’t hesitate to cheer you up and show their love. We have four dogs that can openly roam on our 10 acres, so they have plenty of room to play. Our first dog, Punky Brewster,  is our Dachshund who thinks she is the big boss. The next dog that came into our family is Xena, that’s half Pit Bull and half Lab and the warrior princess pup. Our third dog—our first rescue—is half Pit Bull and half Boxer that’s named Dodge because he was the only one to survive his litter because of parvo. Our fourth dog and newest addition to our family is Shelby, a half German Sheppard mix we rescued from the city park here in Olney. It is hard for me to understand why someone dumped a puppy in the freezing rain.

Since we’ve never had children, these dogs are our family. They never fail to cheer us up or make us laugh. There are many reasons why you choose to own a cat or dog. If you have room to open your heart and home to a rescue dog or any animal, you may never regret it.

This is Will B. Petting saying, fetch Dodge fetch. Good boy!!!!

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