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Will B. Voting

Nothing irks me more than listening to someone complain about a politician or a current political situation when they don’t even vote. When someone starts a political conversation with me, the first thing I do is interrupt them and ask a simple question, do you vote? If they do not vote, then I instantly end the conversation with, see me when you start voting, until then we can chat about other things.

I fervently believe every American must vote in every election. You may think that one vote does not make a huge difference, but every vote is important. According to www.npr.org,47 percent of Americans turned out to vote in the 2018 midterm election. It is surprising that this is a 50 year high for voter turnout. There is still 53 percent of the registered voters who do not vote.

You can get mad at me or shake a finger at me for my next opinion, but I stand sternly behind it. I honestly believe if you can vote and choose not to, you are insulting all the men and women who have fought and died in the military to make sure this great country of America is a land of the free.

America is in dire straits from our political leaders. Corruption is at an all-time high. The elected officials are by a vast majority a morally bankrupt group. I am not saying all but, most are in my opinion—at least from what I have been witnessing during the past decade.

As a Christian who is far from perfect, I say it is time to wake up and start putting the right people in office who align with our Christian values. Let’s put the power of prayer back in school. It is OK to say God is great in public and school. It’s time to stop worrying about political correctness. There is no harm saying Merry Christmas or Happy Easter. Quit suing people over hot coffee burning you. And for the love of America register to vote and VOTE!!

This is Will B. Voting saying. God bless you, Olney.

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