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Will B. Traveling Home

The great road trip to the Crawfish Festival in Fredericksburg, Texas was a success. Although the trip didn’t go completely as planned, the trip was still a fun excursion.

The play list I envisioned turned into all 80’s the entire trip down and back, which is fine by me. It’s my go to play station on Pandora. Snacks consisted entirely of Jack Links hickory beef jerky and water. None of the salty treats or soda I imagined for the trip. Again, which was fine by me. Beef jerky is one of my favorite snacks and being that I have type 2 diabetes it’s a good think no Dr. Pepper was brought along.

After a four-and-a-half-hour drive, we arrived at Haven River Inn to be greeted by about 6 deer scattered about the property. I knew we were off to a good start. Side note: I remember thinking where do all the deer go when hunting season starts, as I chuckle to myself.

The cottage we were given for the weekend was a charming two bedroom with a spacious living room. You will find no T.V.s at the Haven River. This is a quite retreat to contemplate the various things in life. I brought my laptop which I promptly hooked up to the WIFI and got Netflix up and running.

After a delicious breakfast with made from scratch biscuits, which was the highlight of breakfast-- we headed out to The Empty Cross (thecrossatkerrville.org) located in Kerrville, Tx. This is a must visit place that was the highlight of the trip and I could have easily spent all weekend here. If you have a chance check out the web site, although it pales in comparison to actually visiting. The visit to The Empty Cross was supposed to be a side visit but the main attraction that we came to partake in was the Craw Fish festival. The Empty Cross was by far the best part of the trip and as we toured the property, I came upon one exhibit called “The Orphan” which I felt the holy spirit move through me. Not sure why on that particular part of the tour but it was undeniable. The artist, Max Greiner, Jr. and the gracious hosts who volunteer their time took us out to lunch after at Mamasitos. I had the Chili Rellenos, I judge all Mexican restaurants on how well their Chili Rellenos are. They were average but it might be because they were filled with meat. I usually like cheese filled bute verything else was good. The conversation was great and the company was even better.

After lunch we for went a nap due to time constraints. Although a nap was definitely in order, we were off to the Craw Fish festival in Fredericksburg, Tx. The streets were full of people walking eagerly to the many shops and to the festival as well. Parking was not easy but after about ten minutes we found our spot. A brief walk later, we entered the festival to the music of a Cajun band and the smell of exotic food. Ronn, our fearless leader finally got her crawfish. I didn’t not sample the mud bugs since I just feasted on Mexican food. After walking around a bit, I had worked off lunch and sampled a Shiner Bock with a delicious sausage on a stick that was filled with crawfish and spices. Not sure what exactly was in it but it was delicious.

Amanda had a Kona ice that I did get to sample. It was a Pina colada flavored treat and was refreshing under the hot sun. After viewing the booths and Amanda buying a new sun hat, we decided the festival was not our cup of tea and left to visit some of the many art gallery’s which turned out was my favorite part of the festival trip. I have always been the kind of person who loves to view art. I paint like a 3-year-old and draw like a 6-year-old but t hat does not stop me from appreciating art though. Photography is considered art and that’s where I flourish, I suppose. After perusing the art galleries, we drove back to Haven River Inn in Comfort Texas to relax for the evening and enjoying breakfast for dinner prepared by Amanda.

The next morning after sleeping late till around eightish, we packed up the car and I took about an hour or two photographing the property. I felt I could have spent the entire weekend just photographing the property.

The drive back was uneventful mostly, the saving grace came by accident as I stopped to relieve a certain pressure building on my bladder wall. I spotted a BBQ joint named Cooper’s in Mason, Tx which was a pit BBQ restaurant. This heavenly delight is now in my top 10 places to eat, by far in the top 3 BBQ restaurants I have been to.

We finally rolled into Olney about 4 or so and I won’t lie I was happy to be home. There is really no place like home and no place I have lived that comes close to this great little community. Sometimes it is nice to take a trip to remind oneself just how great home is.

This is Will B. Traveling saying there’s no place like home.

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