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Will B. Traveling

Ah the great tradition of a road trip. Some people love them, some people hate them and some people do not care either way.

I personally love a good road trip. Not counting the incredible discomfort and pain it causes me due to my A.S. (Ankylosing Spondylitis). I love them for the adventure and mystery. I just never know what attraction, interesting person or delicious food I will run into around the next bend in the road.

By the time you read this the staff at the Olney Enterprise will have completed what I hope will be an annual road trip to the Crawfish Festival in Fredericksburg, Tx.

If you have not looked on Our Facebook page to see some of the photo and live feeds, I recommend you do. www.facebook.com/OlneyEnterprise

Some people prefer to plan every aspect of the road trip down to the smallest detail. I prefer to wing it. With the exception of the end destination and maybe one or two main attraction at the location I will be visiting. It is part of the fun of the trip. Of course, I do use google to keep informed of what may be popping up as I navigate the back roads of my journey.

Now what to munch on said journey is a different story altogether. I put great planning into what I will drink and what munchables I will be taking on the road trip. Beef jerky? Yes please! Some kind of salty crunchy chips? Check! Water? Begrudgingly…., Dr. Pepper? I am a Texan so that’s a big yes! Salty nuts and gum? Check and check.

Next and most important in my book is a proper playlist. I could go on and on but a few must haves are 80’s mix. Some country classics such as Garth Brooks and George Straight and road trip playlist is complete without some 90’s hip hop. Beastie Boys, Warren G, Snoop Dog.

Lastly you need your ride or die or road dog to complete the list. Generally, your girlfriend, wife, best bud and occasionally co-worker.

Road trips are all about the journey in most cases not the destination. In the famous words of one of my favorite characters of one of my favorite movies of all time “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Ferris Bueller

This is Will B. Traveling saying enjoy the journey.

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