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Will B. Standing

My Great Grand Pappy use to say if you fail to stand for something you will not stand for anything.

There are many things in life worth standing for: The pledge of allegiance, the national anthem, when a woman enters a room, when a hand is extended to shake to name a few physical reasons.

Here are a few other reasons to stand or take a stand: To stand up to oppression, defend the defenseless, defend a lady’s honor, stand up for your faith in God and stand up for your beliefs.

No one ever said doing such things would be easy. In fact, it is downright hard. My Great Grand Pappy used to say if it were easy everyone would do it. The point is that we the people of the greatest country on Earth need to start doing more of this. In my opinion and I have many, killing babies before they are even born is just plain cowardly. It is not the babies’ fault they were unplanned or that there are evil men out there do evil things to women. It is not right to kill a baby just because it would remind someone of a cowardly act performed by an immoral person. Adoption would be the answer to that situation. There are thousands upon thousands of loving couples who cannot have children who would love that child and raise him or her as their own.

I believe it is wrong to sit or take a knee during the national anthem. Great men and women of this mighty and free nation sacrificed their lives for we the people. How dare you disrespect their sacrifice.

There are a great many things that are worthy of taking a stand for such as God, the national anthem, your morals, your integrity your honor and the defense of the defenseless.

This is Will B. Standing saying get off your keester and take a stand with me.

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