• 	Will B. Speaking on Teamwork

Will B. Speaking on Teamwork

I have been involved in many groups and companies where teamwork was essential to excel or be successful. Learning teamwork began early for me. I first played team sports (footbal and baseball) when I was just a wee little whipper snapper.

Later, teamwork was a necessary part of being a soldier in the United States of America Army. Much later, it was part of the culture as an employee of Home Depot.

Although in my personal life I somewhat pride myself on being a bit of a lone wolf. At first not by choice, but I hold my friends to a very high standard and it has cost me friends over the years. I drive a single cab pickup so that should say a lot.

I have to say that teamwork, in most situations in life, is a very important thing to learn; as is putting the team first over personal goals or agendas. Teamwork can mean a lot of different things. Teamwork as defined by Webster’s dictionary says “work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole”. This sums it up neatly. For me though it’s about sacrifice and putting in extra effort to make sure the team is successful at the endeavor or goal.

In football I played on the line. The Sacrifice here was that as a lineman I put in a great deal of work and never or rarely received the glories.

In the Army it could be almost anything that helped the squad achieve a goal set by a commander or sergeant including putting oneself in mortal danger or as simple as KP duty., which is just washing pans, cooking or serving. Certainly, no glory in that but an army travels on its stomach so it’s a very important role.

When I worked at Home Depot teamwork was instilled all the way up the chain from the person who cleans the bathroom to the CEO. It’s a part of the culture at Home Depot and it is one of the things that I really loved about working there. No matter the task you always knew you would have help. Help that helped without being asked to help. I was on my way to becoming a manager before we moved away from Fort Worth and miss that company to this day in part because of the great teamwork.

It’s great to have a moment in the sun from time to time but what I respect most is someone who always puts the team first regardless of receiving any credit. They simply are devoted to the success of the team. Be the person who is devoted to the success of the team regardless of glory and you will be richer for it.

This is Will B. saying Teamwork makes the dream work!

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