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Will B. Soap Box Conversation

Its that time again, Olney. Old Will B. is climbing back on that old soap box again. I know I know you are probably saying “Not Again!!”

This topic is near and dear to my heart. Pets. I recently over a 2-week period had two different puppies, dogs or fur babies you choose what you like most, bitten by a rattlesnake. Dodge (Pit/Boxer) our sweet boy was bit in the mouth of all places and Miss Punky Brewster (Dachshund) was bit on the snout. We of course rushed our cuties to our trusted vet “Salt Creek Veterinarian Hospital” for anti-venom treatment. I would trust no one else with our sweet dogs.

You’re probably wondering by now why is this a soap box session? Here comes the sermon.

Each session of treatment costs anywhere from $750 dollars and on up. We begrudgingly paid this without hesitation because as a pet owner there comes a lot of responsibility. One of which is expensive vet bills.

I have in the past through conversation and Facebook posts heard many a people state how even a $5 difference on a vet bill was more then they could afford or that they don’t get shots or this or that because they can’t afford it. In my humble opinion and as previously stated on many occasions I have many, You have no business buying, adopting or taking in a pet if you can not afford to feed and take care of said pet. I know they are adorably cute and provide us with love and comfort but is it right for them to give all they have to us and we not give all we have to them? I Say not.

So, in the future when you see those sweet puppy dog eyes or hear that perrrrfectly purring sound of a kitten stop and think can I afford food, toys, blankies, expensive vet bills, time to spend with them. The list is long and not to be taken lightly.

This is Will B. Enjoying Miss Punky Brewster’s snuggles tonight saying think twice, long and hard before taking that pet home.

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