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Will B. Smiling

I used to be one of those naysayers and negative types when I was younger. It took me a long time to change my hobbits and become a positive person.

I continue even daily to be a positive person and to give a genuine smile to those I pass. Everyone has something negative impacting their lives in one way or another, and it is very easy to use that as an excuse to make others pay for the misery going on in your life.

I have more than most and less than others to have a begrudging attitude over, but I had enough of how it made me feel, and others feel around me. I decided I will start with a smile. Sure, it was a “fake it until I make it smile” at first. One day I found myself smiling and realized it was a genuine smile I was giving out to those I passed.

Nowadays, I have many blessings to get me through the dark days. I am married to my best friend of 22 years who I adore and love more each day; I finally found a church to be a member of who I consider family; I live in the best little community anyone could hope to find; I have four dogs who bring me happiness and love every day; I have a job that I would consider to be my dream job; I have a great fatherin-law; I am starting to make some friends (I have only had two my whole life whom I would consider to be a friend); and I could go on and on. I believe to my core that all this was made possible through my belief that God sent His only begotten Son to die on the cross for my sins, so His blood washes away my sins. It is the only true way to gain inner peace and joy. That one simple belief is the beginning of all things.

I may falter. I am far from perfect. And I have my grumpy days—just ask Amanda. Especially if you look in my general direction before I have had my morning coffee.

I task you with this simple action: Everyone you pass for the next week, give them a simple smile, and at the end of the week I bet you will be happier because if it.

This is Will B. saying; smiles are free, pass them out generously!

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