• Will B. Reaching Out

Will B. Reaching Out

I recently had a conversation with someone about grief sharing and how I believed my story was similar. That got me thinking about things we may have in common with others that we may not know about and how talking with others who have gone through similar situations somehow helps with recovering or getting through those most difficult times, a death of a loved one.

I often get a little to personal while writing this column. Not because I am looking for sympathy or enjoy the spotlight. I really do not like either. I do so because I honestly believe letting people know that there are others out there who have gone through or are going through the same situation I share might help in some small way. Before moving to Olney, I was an extreme introvert. Now two years later I am the polar opposite and am enjoying it quite a bit. Maybe it just took the community of Olney to show me that being an extrovert is a good thing.

During a five or six year period I lost my Mom, Dad, Grandparents (Nana & Papa), Sister, Niece and Nephew. Prior to that when I was younger, I lost a close step brother to suicide and another grandmother. I have written about my Mother’s murder and have written about my Dad, so I won’t go into too much detail. The point is that sharing with a support system helps a great deal. When my Mom was murdered, I honestly believe I would not have made it through that time. Amanda my wife of 22 years was there for me to cry on her shoulder, there for me to listen to all my memories of her as I relived them, there for me when I grew angry at the person who killed my Mom and wanted to go to Florida with stupid ideas of retribution and she was also there for me when I finally healed and had a bad day, like on Mother’s day or my mom’s birthday. Even though I had a troubled relationship with my Dad, I had my wife there to work through all the confusing emotions I had over his death.

The same can be said for numerous problems you go through. You are never alone if you truly don’t want to be during these tough times. Depression, self-doubt, trouble at school, work and even thoughts of suicide, remember there are groups for everything and with social media it has never been easier to reach out to someone for help or empathy.

Southside Baptist Church holds a grief sharing group located at 1006 Mockingbird Ln. Olney, Texas 76374 please call 940) 564-2128 for times and days.

This is Will B. saying reach out to someone if you are hurting and you just might find someone who can relate.

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