• Will B. Pumpkin Spicing It Up!

Will B. Pumpkin Spicing It Up!

Well, I kind of brought this topic on myself. I was taking a shower the day before and had a great idea for my Will B. I pretty much had written the entire article in my head and was thinking, I am ahead of the game this week. I have a pretty bad memory and should have known to write some notes upon exiting the shower.

So, long story short, I could not for the life of me remember what the story was about or even the topic. It’s okay to laugh at my horrible memory--I do. After two days of drawing a complete blank, I asked my cohort, I mean coworker, to help me with a topic and she quickly replied, “Write about pumpkin spice and fall flavors.” I--not one to back down from a challenge--said, “You got it!”

At the risk of embarrassing myself, I will admit that I love pumpkin spice. It is a flavor that has slowly grown on me throughout the years until finally my taste buds gave in. Most know I am a summer person throughand-through, but there are quite a few things I love about fall.

Things I love about fall: I love pumpkin spice in my coffee. I love pumpkin pie. I love being able to wear my leather jackets again (I have a few). I love Halloween. And I love when the leaves fall off the trees. The last on my list might seem a bit odd but I have always found trees very interesting with no leaves. You can really see their character and it is a little pet project of mine to photograph odd or cool looking trees. With the leaves off the tree it makes it very easy to find the great trees with awesome character.

There is plenty to enjoy and even love about all four seasons, but for me nothing says fall like Halloween. It just isn’t the start of fall for me without this really over-the-top holiday. As an adult, there are very few opportunities to be a kid again and Halloween is the perfect holiday to do just that. We get to use our imaginations to come up with cool or clever costumes, maybe relive some fun childhood memories, or just sit back and watch all the kids having the time of their lives creating memories that will last a lifetime. Of course, there is candy! My favorite is candy corn and black licorice, which is a love it or hate it kind of candy for sure and I love both. This is Will B. saying break out the pumpkin spice and let fall begin!

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