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Will B. Proud

Recently while covering the Young County Junior Livestock Show at the Young County Arena, I had the pleasure to interact with the young women and men of the Olney FFA Organization I refer to them as young men and women instead of referring to them as children because they carried themselves as such throughout the event.

Last year, I moved here from Ft. Worth. One of the many things I have been enjoying while living in this great little town called Olney, is just how wonderful the youth of Olney is. They are well - mannered, polite and courteous among other attributes. I generally don’t dwell on the negatives of any one thing, but the youth of Ft. Worth and many other larger cities I have lived or visited are nowhere near as well-mannered as the youth in Olney.

I’m not saying they are perfect and without any faults. Afterall, we all have our bad days. But when I spent time with the youth of the Olney FFA Organization for three days, I was blown away with the way they carried themselves. They were well mannered, polite and courteous. I was so proud of them. This says a great deal about their character and the way their parents are raising them. Children are like sponges and will absorb the behaviors and actions they see around them. So, this tells me Olney must have some great adults as well.

Next time you see the youth at a basketball game or any other events don’t be afraid to pat them on the back or shake their hand and give them a well done. They have more than earned a little recognition.

This is Will B. Proud saying well-done youth of Olney I am proud of you.

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