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Will B. Perceiving

What we see when we look at someone or something helps us decide what we think of that person or thing. I am as guilty as the next person of judging people, places or things based off what I see. Although I try not to, this is a hard thing to avoid doing. Before I moved to the country, I viewed some things quite differently while living in a larger metropolitan area. Not to say the view was good or bad, just different.

The first time I came to Olney, I would see used tires on carports or structures with metal roofs. I found this odd and thought, why on earth would someone put used tires on their roof. Fast forward to a year later, and now I am an owner of a home and property with said structures. You will find used tires on my carport. The reason is simple. The wind blows like a banshee out here, and the tires help keep the wind from pulling the tin roofs up away from the structure on gusty days. I learned this rather quickly in spring and promptly put tires on the carport roof. Problem solved.

This principle could and should be applied to people as well. Again, I am as guilty as the next person, but I try not to be. The way someone dresses or acts is sometimes a product of their environment or simply their preference of style. Finances could be the reason. Although there are numerous reasons why people dress and act the way they do, I believe it is our responsibility not to judge negatively automatically.

The next time we see someone dressed eccentric or acting oddly, why not stop to have a chat with them to get a better understanding of what we perceive as odd or different. We might find there is a fascinating answer or reason behind it.

America is the greatest country on this rock we call earth for a great many reasons. The most important for me is freedom. Freedom to act or look different. Freedom to think differently. Freedom to express our individually unique personalities.

This is Will B. saying, let’s celebrate our diverse and unique personalities.

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