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Will B. Outdoors

With spring in the air this month, it has me daydreaming about all of the activities I would like to squeeze in before the blistering heat of summer quickly arrives.

Summer is by far my favorite month. That said, not all activities enjoyed outdoors are for lack of a better word not as enjoyable. Some activities I enjoy such as fishing—which could be enjoyed all day in springmust be done in the morning or the evening to avoid the sun’s relentless rays. I would say the same about playing catch with Amanda or riding bikes in the park.

I enjoy summer mostly because these bones of mine are getting older and with all the fusion in my back and other joints, the summer heat just does wonders for making them feel better. One of the best feelings in summer is coming out of a 100-degree day and stepping into the ice-cold air conditioning set at seventy in our home. It’s a feeling of pure bliss. Equally, I would say that jumping into a pool on such a day is just as fantastic a feeling.

So many great memories have come from summer for me. Camping, fishing, hiking, biking, fires at night under those bright stars of Texas. Plan your summer well. It doesn’t last long before Old Man Winter comes again.

So, where was I? Ah yes, spring.

This is Will B. Outdoors saying I am ready for summer.

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