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Will B. Making Time

With all the beautiful flower photos I have been enjoying all over Facebook lately including some from my Facebook friend Judi Winslow, which she posted numerous photos of some stunning Bluebonnet photos among other beautiful spring flowers native to the area.

One of my favorite things to do is photograph the wildflowers in spring. I usually spend about a solid week photographing all the gorgeous wildflowers that Texas has to offer for the region I am in.

This year I have been so busy with work and side jobs as a photographer that I have neglected this annual tradition I enjoy so much.

This got me thinking about how I fill my life with too many events or projects that I don’t have time to enjoy things I really love to do in my spare time. As I am sure, a lot around Olney do as well.

While it is important and can be fulfilling to have many events and activities to attend, I believe it is equally important to take a little time to decompress, relax, enjoy something you really enjoy doing or take time to get back to that hobby or tradition you enjoyed doing but are too busy to do.

I hit the brakes a bit this past week and will lightly apply the brakes next week and take some time off to get my spring flower photographing in. After all, one of the many reasons I moved to Olney is the abundant wildlife and opportunities to photograph the wildlife and landscapes Olney, and the surrounding area has to offer.

I have come to slowly learn over the past few years that life is all about balance in all areas. I am quite stubborn according to my sweet wife — one of the reasons I use the words slowly learning.

This is Will B. Making time saying take time to smell the flowers.

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