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Will B. HOME

There is an old saying “Home is were the heart is” with the day of our home being very close to being ready to move into, it got me thinking more and more about that saying.

I have never really had a problem following this saying until we bought and started remodeling our old farm house. It has been over a year or so now and so far, the home we bought has been little more than an elaborate dog house. We have no room or way to keep our four dogs at our father in laws house-- which is on the same road as our home just a little ways down. So we have been keeping them in the house we are remodeling and going down several times a day to take care of them.

Being married for over 20 years, we were never blessed with children so our dogs are very much as close to kids as we will come. For me, my heart is with my loving

wife and our dogs. So

being separated from

our dogs has been

difficult and staying

with my father in law

has been nice, we all

get along great, but it

is not home. Home is

where the heart is and

my heart is split between two homes.

I have not let myself get excited about

the house being ready

because there was really no date on when

we would be done. I

am now very excited

because that will most likely be this next week sometime. My heart will not be split between two homes once we move in because my wife and dogs will all be under the same roof. My heart will be were my home is then.

That saying can go for many different things--not just children, wife or pets. A home could be a hotel room, a relative’s house or even a tent in the woods as long as you have those you love most with you. Take a few minutes to think about who is most important to you, then find them and let them know just how much they mean to you.

This is Will B. saying my wife and dogs will be getting extra snuggles this week.

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