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Will B. Having A Photographer’s Lament

I write this with jest in my heart and not exasperation. I have a passion to photograph events and sometimes (not always but sometimes) things don’t turn out so well. With some events, I sometimes believe there is possibly a conspiracy among the event participants.

Why would I think this you may ask? I do my best to line people up or organize a posed group shot, attention please, look this way, smiles everyone, smiles (this always reminds me of Mr. Rourke from Fantasy Island) 3…2…1… snap. Looks at photo to make sure I got the shot. Two people with their eyes closed, one person looking left, another looking right. Ok ok let’s do this again, on the count of three everyone smile and keep your eyes open please--3… 2… 1… snap. Looks at photo to make sure I have the shot--surely, I have it. Nope--one person looking at his shoes, another looking at their watch and to my dismay three have their eyes closed this time. I think you get my point. (Laughing to myself)

I debated to write this article this week but with the new school year fast approaching, I thought to myself I must write it. Here are some tips when you are at an event of school function that might help you look your best for those soon to follow Facebook posts.

Be aware of the person photographing or person snapping away on their phone, when posing for a photo with multiple people wanting photos-- start by looking at the person with the biggest camera or for direction from the photographer, smile and keep your eyes open. Parents, remind your youngsters on days of school functions or events to smile and look at the photographer when he or she is around. When receiving awards, shake the hand of the presenter and turn towards the crowd and smile. The tip I like most though which some do or have started doing is seeking out the photographer and asking for a photo to be taken--absolutely love this while shooting events.

As a photographer when covering events, I do not always know who the key people are that would like or should have their photo taken. I can really appreciate being approached by the event planner or people attending the event.

I absolutely love covering all the events around the community and only wish to capture all the right people and the right moments for everyone. I am most likely more disappointed when I missed a shot of someone I should have photographed or when I am shooting an event and everyone is mopey or frowning the entire event. I know not every event is appropriate for smiling and having a fun time but when it is, let’s try to give the photographer something worthy of capturing. I am certain when people look at these event photos, they will enjoy them so much more.I write this some in jest, partly serious but with the best intentions in my heart.

This is Will B. saying smiles everyone smiles!!

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