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Will B. Enjoying Summer

Summer has long been my favorite season. Sure, it’s hot, but there is nothing like jumping in a lake, creek or swimming pool as the temperature pushes toward 100 degrees.

You can’t have a proper BBQ without 90-degree weather in the shade, cold beer or sweet tea in hand, the laughter of kids playing in the distance, and uncle so and so or dad searing a juicy steak and hamburgers on the grill.

Sure, there are those pesky squitter’s and occasional skunks walking by; if you live in the country you know what I mean, and let’s not for a cotton-picking minute forget about those insufferable chiggers. One or two bights mean days of scratching.

Yet for me, it is all worth the annoyances of pesky bugs and critters if it means I get to enjoy that perfectly rare ribeye with a cold beer while having long conversations over which bait catches croppy or catfish better.

Let’s not forget those late evening fires. Nothing says summer better than friends and family sitting around the fire talking about the events of the day or plans yet to come for the summer.

For me, there is nothing like the feeling of working on the yard in nearly 100-degree weather and stepping into a 70-degree house and pouring a glass of ice-cold tea. The atmosphere is pure bliss.

While my house is still being remodeled, I can guarantee once we are finished and moved in that there will be many such summer activities on the agenda for summer.

This is Will B. Enjoying Summertime saying where’s the BBQ tonight?

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