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Will B. Dining

Most people have seen an episode of “Cheers” — the bar in Boston where everyone knows your name. Here in Olney, we are fortunate enough to have our very own version of “Cheers.” No, not a bar where everyone knows your name but a diner.

Lawana’s Family Diner is a wellestablished restaurant; I would even go so far as to say it is a landmark here in Olney. Sure, the food is great, especially the chicken-fried steak or my favorite, enchiladas. But Lawana’s is much more than a simple hometown restaurant that serves up Americana cuisine reminiscent of things we grew up eating at home. You walk into Lawana’s, and it’s like visiting the hub of the community. You will almost immediately recognize a neighbor, a friend or acquaintances.

The diner has two of the best waitresses—Tamara and Emma, who are great at their job. What stands out is how they make you feel like a friend or family member stopping by to have a meal. As my wife Amanda and I are seated, they already know what we like to drink, and they know our favorite breakfast. How they remember this, I will never know. I have a horrible memory.

There are specials every day of the week, but if you ever want to find someone on a Friday night, go to Lawana’s Family Diner where fish, shrimp and frog legs are all you can eat. You will most likely find who you are looking for. Almost everyone goes there on Friday. This is just another of the many great things you see only in a small town—a small town I love called Olney.

This is Will B. Dining saying, see you at Lawana’s for “Fish Friday.”

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