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Will B. Cupid

As I have been making my rounds through Facebook and having conversations with my fellow Olney-ites, I have heard something several times that troubles me somewhat. I have been married to the love of my life for almost 23 years. The one thing I’ve heard for the past two decades is women saying they don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day anymore or they complain about not receiving a Valentine’s Day card, flowers, candy or even a present.

The word I hear over and over is “WE.” I am no Casanova, but I do fancy myself as a bit of a “romantic.” Whatever your level of romanticism is I am pretty sure women love to receive that special attention on Valentine’s Day. They may pretend not to, but they do. Gentlemen this is one of two days in the year when no other man will look at you any less for putting your bravado aside to show your lady just how much you love her. The other day is, of course, your first date or wedding anniversary.

Don’t worry about making a grand gesture on Valentine’s Day. Something as simple as flowers and a card will suffice just fine. I think you will be surprised about the difference a simple gesture can make. Your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or husband want an outward show of your affection. Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to show someone that you have been thinking about them and why you are interested in them.

I am by far not the ideal husband but one thing I have learned during 22 years of marriage is all the small things matter. Sometimes more than the big stuff. Try bringing home some flowers one night out of the blue even if it’s not Valentine’s Day. Maybe pick up a frozen macchiato on your lunch break and drop it off to your sweetheart to let them know you were thinking of them. What are your plans this Valentine’s Day.

This is Will B. Cupid saying see ya at the flower shop.

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