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Will B. Cruisin’

Not all but most men consider their vehicle an extension of their Personality. I might even go so far as to say that their car, truck, boat or motorcycle was almost a member of their extended family. I can’t speak for all men and not even women, sometimes, but I have carefully selected every vehicle I have ever bought. The make, model, color and features must be studied before making a careful selection.

After purchase, we must choose a good name that fits the vehicle. We will spend hours each week cleaning, polishing, vacuuming, selecting the right air freshener and waxing to name some of the details. After all this attention to detail, the next day we may choose to drive in the mud just for fun only to have to repeat the ritual of cleaning the vehicle all over again in just a few days.

My current ride is a Chevy Silverado single cab short bed truck, which I’ve wanted since I was a young man. I lovingly refer to my truck as Old Blue even though it is only 3 years old.

My previous ride, which will always hold a special spot in my heart was a 2010 Audi Roadster turbo. Driving this car was probably the most fun I have ever had with a car. It was too expensive to keep up with all the repairs that kept popping up. The runner-up was a car I talked my wife into buying—a 1994 Chevrolet Z28. This car was extremely fast. I pushed it to 140 mph on more than a few occasions such as when I was younger and careless.

Next time you see a man at the car wash lovingly washing and scrubbing away, you will have a little insight into what we think of our beloved rides.

This is Will B. Cruising saying see yah at the Olney Car Wash.

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