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Will B. Climbing on My Soapbox

I was prepared to write about another topic, but after I read a Facebook post, I had to scrap that topic for now.

Nothing gets my shoes in a knot faster than social down casting. When someone posts comments or makes derogatory remarks about the people, who hold jobs which some of them may describe as “lower class” or “blue collar” jobs. For example, comments about a fast-food employee, a janitor, a sacker at a grocery store or cashier. I could go on, but the list would be very long.

A comment on Facebook stated that a teacher wanted to start attaching a fastfood application to students’ papers when they earn an F as a grade on school work.

Considering that comment, here is something to think about: if nobody was willing to do those “blue collar” jobs who would serve us at restaurants? Who would bag our groceries? Who would clean our schools and buildings? The logical thinking that comes to mind is there is no difference in someone who cooks me a burger than someone who runs a big company. Some professions may be more important such as doctors, nurses, teachers and soldiers to name a few, but we as a society should not judge people just because of their profession. When you break things down to the basics, we are all only humans on this rock called Earth hurling through space.

Life is all about what you make it. If flipping burgers or digging ditches for a living is what you aspire to do, then there is nothing wrong with that. No one should allow others to make him or her feel inferior for having a job or doing work others may view as a lower class job. We should take pride in our work, do our best every day and go home feeling satisfied with a job well done.

This is Will B. saying pat your “lowwage” worker on the back next time you get served and let them know you appreciate their position in life.

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