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Will B. Changing

The apology is becoming extinct like so many other common courtesies and manners. Some people may think that it is not important to apologize, either because they have become jaded over time from not receiving one, maybe they might be callous, or perhaps they are just rude. In some cases, it could be they were just plain raised without the proper training on how to deal with other humans in a civilized manner.

When I was just a youngster, manners were taught and enforced in every situation. Many folks would be surprised to learn how the simple little word “sorry” that is said sincerely could stave off grave repercussions. Most people understand mistakes happen. They would like a simple acknowledgment that the mistake was made and that you are sorry for the said mistake. Without the apology, the wound will fester and grow out of proportion until the situation or the person explodes like a violent volcano.

The next time you make a mistake give a sincere apology and see how the offended party accepts and forgives your transgression. If they do not, then that’s just plain rude.

This is Will B. Polite saying I apologize if this article offends you.

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