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Will B. Appreciating

My grandparents died when I was relatively young. Even when they were alive, I never had many opportunities to visit or to be around my grandparents. When I did have the chance to visit them, I never really appreciated what they had to offer. Often when we are younger, we seem not to appreciate people or things we have in our lives.

During the past year, I have had many opportunities to visit and chat with some of Olney’s more mature citizens. I have found great value in their knowledge. From their stories, I learn a great deal about the history of Olney—how things used to be in simpler times and advice on a better way to handle a situation. Also, they have taught me ways to do something that I would not have ever thought of.

The more mature citizens of Olney are great to be around and are very pleasant. They never lack in conversation and have plenty of funny stories to relive with us. I most enjoy their manners and common courtesy. There is much more they could offer during a short or long visit. Go out and discover one of Olney’s treasured resources, our seniors.

This is Will B. Appreciating saying see yah at the Senior Cub Center for lunch sometime.

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