• Why coaches get grump

Why coaches get grump

With the recent string of bad weather and good weather to those who like the winter weather and all that comes with it, I was thinking about what to do during an upcoming snow day as it is put.

What food will I cook, what cozy comfortable clothes to wear, what to watch or activity to do during the shut in. After thinking for a good bit, I decided on a stew. I usually do a version of a paseo. I love combing comfort dishes I grew up on with Hispanic dishes familiar to the region. Mexico and Texas have a vast history together. Some good and some bad but for me, good for the most part. One of the best things that is intertwined to me is Hispanic dishes and Texmex dishes. I was not always a fan of cilantro but have grown to love this herb and it just speaks volumes to me in a dish that I am wanting to make Texmex.

Back to the dish I enjoy making during bad weather. My version of paseo. Well I make it with grilled corn instead of hominy. I have always hated hominy since I was a kid and being forced to eat it. Sometimes, I sub in brisket or other meats instead of the pork as well. Anyway I make it, though I always include lots of cilantro and lime.

I may get in hot water with traditionalist who keep strictly to traditional recipes but to me, cooking is always about taking risks and trying new things as well as cooking techniques. I have yet to receive any complaints about it but then again, I haven’t had the opportunity to cook for a traditional Hispanic Mom.

So, for me during a shut in or snow day because of bad weather a stew or paseo is a must and I will be fixing the dish to cook over night. I just love cooking dishes that take all day or overnight. As the smells get stronger and aromas build throughout the day, so will your hunger until its finally time to sit back in that cozy spot reserved just for cold days and dive into a hot delicious bowl or stew and for most memories of when you had it as a kid. Of course, proper attire is a must. For most it’s PJ’s and a favorite quilt. For me, I enjoy layers of underlayers. Long Johns with shorts and a loose-fitting long sleeve undershirt with my favorite cowboy or tigger sweater. Although I do love quilts for me, it’s my dog Shelby I like to snuggle up to. Lastly, having a good show to binge watch to. Last year, it was re-watching Dexter. Maybe this time it could be Stargate… the choices are endless and to each his own.

This is Will B. dreaming of spring and summer as the northeaster blows in.

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