• 	What is a H.O.M.E. Mom?

What is a H.O.M.E. Mom?

For any woman in Christ, she is now a new creation. Her spirit is now awakened and has started her new journey as a spiritual mother in training being led by the Holy Spirit Himself, guiding her on the straight path of righteousness. A House of Mercy mom depends on the father above and puts him first above all things as she prepares to go through this wonderful and beautiful life that God created for her. What do the letters ‘M O M’ stand for you ask? – Mother on a Mission. And that mission is to let Christ shine so bright through her that others see nothing, but the power of Jesus Christ’s love pours out of her soul, overflowing with compassion and love. Who would have ever thought God would pick a little tiny town by the name of Olney, Texas to be the light on a hill for the city to see, but it doesn’t stop there. Now, these hand-picked moms are spreading their wings like eagles to carry that Light of Christ to destinations that are endless. So, therefore my House of Mercy moms, I say to you, God bless.

The Olney Enterprise

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Olney, Texas 76374

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