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Too many strays...

There are many people who wander the streets of Olney, whether walking, bicycling, or driving, and I’m sure many of them have noticed the over-abundant amount of animals that wander our streets as well. Stray animals flood our streets, and not only is it a problem, but it has been a problem for a long time. Dealing with the effects of overpopulation in a small town like Olney can be harmful to the community, the animals and the city, and the issue doesn’t stop there. This problem exists nationwide, but any step can be the first one.

Overpopulation in animals can cause food shortages for them, as all of the animals feast on the same sorts of food. This leaves some of them starving, which then leads to an inevitable decrease in the quality of their health. Because of their lack of nutrition, their wellbeing plummets and they become more susceptible to disease. Once one of the animals becomes diseased, the disease can spread throughout the animals, and then most, if not all, of the stray animals become sickly, which can then affect your outside pets.

In order to stop this problem, we must first find the root of it. There are too many animals being abandoned, animals giving birth (who unwanted by their owners), animals, in general, becoming unwanted, and in cases, not enough room in the shelters for all of the animals being given to them. There are many solutions to these problems, but people must first be aware of them in order to act on them.

Some people are okay with euthanasia in animal shelters, but many are not. There are many other solutions that do not involve that practice that will still rid us of our animal overpopulation problem. The first and foremost solution to overpopulation is making sure that your animals are spayed and neutered. There are many facilities that will do this for you, though it’s understandable that price can be an issue. The Salt Creek Veterinary Hospital in Olney is able to perform the procedure, as well as direct you to places that might offer the service for a cheaper price. They are more concerned with your animals than anything else.

Secondly, more people could work to open animal adoption facilities. This would allow the pets to be dropped off somewhere where they will be taken care of, and later adopted into a loving home. In these facilities, they should be kept safe and cared for. In order to keep track of the pets who get lost, they should be microchipped and collared so that they may be returned to their owners safely. The companies Petco and Petsmart, with locations in Wichita Falls, Texas, are also available to answer any questions you may have regarding adoption and care for your animals.

Thirdly, people need to be educated. It’s important to spread this kind of information around to those who might not know, and to be understanding of their ignorance toward the subject. Becoming aggressive will not solve the problem, but informing others who may not know will give them the knowledge and insight to act on these solutions for themselves. It’s important to care and remain active in looking for solutions in regards to problems with animals, strays, and pets. Those who can offer proper help with the problem should help those who may not be as fortunate.

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