Ronni’s Points to Ponder

Adversity is inevitable. I am learning that my test is not weighed by my ability to get through, but by my ability to get through with grace. Every day I wake up with a choice to be sad about all that is wrong or to be grateful that God awakened me with the ability to have emotional thoughts.

When facing unfortunate circumstances, focus on good things because what you focus on is what manifests in your life. With that said, I am choosing to focus on everyone who is holding me up during sad times. I am grateful for family, friendship, and colleagues who work hard every day to meet deadlines and demands.

I am also grateful for this small town of friendly people who engage in small talk just about anywhere. Life in a small town comes with a measure of gratitude for the little things such as autumn sunsets, the smell of fresh pine every morning and the brightest stars I’ve ever seen twinkling in the night sky.

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