The Right to Bear Arms

Gun control and the right to bear arms has been a great topic of discussion for a long time but has become one of the most heated debates that this country has seen in the past several years, mostly this decade. Everyone has his or her stance when it comes to this topic, but as someone who recognizes the validity of both sides of the issue, I think we can find some solutions.

According to the Texas statehouse, it is vital to protect every Texans’ Second Amendment right to bear arms, now “reducing the handgun license application and renewal fees and decriminalizing the accidental licensed carry of a handgun at TSA checkpoints.” We now have states acting on this issue in opposite ways, with Texas authoring bills to allow gun owners to get guns a lot easier, while states like New York and California are now ramping up their efforts to make it very hard to access any gun without strict background checks.

I see both sides of it; on one hand Republicans want guns in the hands of good people when attacks do happen; However, This can be an effective route if handled correctly, now with the calls for teachers to have guns which is understandable if they have the proper training and background to protect their students; if not, it is absolutely unacceptable for anyone and everyone to access a gun even if they are not well equipped. Democrats want stricter background checks, as long as that means that the “good guy” still have guns at the end of the day, but there needs to be a way for us to come together on this issue.

Most of us can agree, including me that no one should be able to access and buy an assault rifle. In fact, I would call for the banning of every single assault rifle in the entire United States. Problems with this, for example, is that Democrats called for a ban that went to only a certain type of assault rifle, ones that had plastic handle grips on them. The problem was that people would take the plastic off, so the guns were not considered banned. As Americans, we all have the right to bear arms, but we need to find a way to outlaw all assault rifles while at the same time allowing everyone to defend themselves that with shotguns, pistols, and so forth protecting our Second Amendment rights.

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