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In pursuit of life and liberty

Life and Liberty. Many times throughout the day as I’m driving down a long stretch of highway or just meandering around the pasture, I contemplate the value of Life and Liberty in America. I did not choose to live at this point in time and place. I did not choose to live in a free society. I did not create my own life, but I am the creation of God through my progenitors to live at this time and place. I did not create the liberty I enjoy, but it was created by my progenitors and those that placed their lives, fortunes and sacred honor in the founding of this country and upholding our freedoms.

It is, for this reason, I remain eternally grateful to have been born to this country. Whether rich or poor, I know that this country is far superior to living anywhere else in the world. Opportunity, education, economy and resources cannot be matched. Just think of how you would survive if born in Mumbai, Syria, Iraq, Somalia or any number of dysfunctional places in the world. Therefore, I celebrate this country for the Life we have. And since I did not create Liberty, I must be a steward of Liberty in America.

Life and Liberty in America are under constant assault. Our institutions and symbols of freedom are being protested every day by those who hate this country, our constitution and democracy. And what is more atrocious are people that rail against our country when they have reaped fame and wealth from the very country they are railing against. Take Colin Kaepernick and Megan Rapinoe. Both are extraordinary athletes; created in a time and place where their talent, drive, and hard work brought them not only to be heralded as champions but rewarded with fame and wealth only a few athletes ever attain. Do you think either one could have reached any level close to this if they had grown up in any other country? Instead of being grateful for life and liberty in America, Kaepernick and Rapinoe protest our national anthem. They reject our flag; even our first flag of freedom from English rule.

I am sick of the Kaepernicks, Rapinoes and other athletes/celebrities that have taken advantage of the privileges that our system of economy and government has allowed them to achieve levels of success unmatched anywhere else in the world, and then turn around and trash the very system that provided it. Worse is Rapinoe. She is not just captain of any soccer team; Rapinoe is a member and captain of the AMERICAN soccer team - training, coaching, facilities, and gear all provided by the USA. Yet Rapinoe rejects our national anthem and spurns the White House--This is the hypocrisy of the left.

The assault on America spilled over into St. Louis Park, MN where the city council voted unanimously to remove the Pledge of Allegiance to our nation from council meetings because it might offend someone as not being “inclusive.” We did not create our lives here, nor did we create our liberty, but we are the Stewards of Life and Liberty in America. As such, we must aggressively push back on these assaults and call out those that are. I saw a sign on a tailgate the other day that sums up my sentiment and message to the Kaepernicks, Rapinoes, St. Louis Park city councils, et al.:

“If you don’t like living in America call 1-800-GET OUT OF THE USA.”

‘Nuff said.

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