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Publisher’s Points to Ponder: Is technology dismantling relationships?

Waking up every day to an ever-evolving world causes my anxiety level to rise. I feel torn between my love and hate for technology. I love how technology moves us forward and improves our daily logistics, but I hate how technology disconnects us from one another. While sitting here on Facebook, I am wondering why do we feel a strong desire to post “news” rather than pick up the phone to chat?

Technology has a broad scope, so it is necessary to narrow the focus to the simple definition according to the technology dictionary; “Technology is science or knowledge put into practical use to solve problems.” Considering the vast number of technologies, let’s narrow our focus to communication technology, which includes instant messaging, video conferencing, cell phones, social media and other communication mediums. Let’s go one step further and focus specifically on cell phones. Are cell phones dismantling our relationships?

There are benefits to having a cellphone to stay connected to loved ones, especially during a crisis. When 9/11 was taking place, some of the victims were able to reach out to their families via cellphone. Some left recorded messages to say the final goodbye. I love that technology makes this possible.

Cell phones, on the other hand, drive us apart in ways we may not realize. I know there have been times when I’ve texted people who are in the same home with me; even in the same room at times. Some of you have voiced your confessions of preferring to text rather than call because texting is convenient. What about the interruptions that come with the constant availability that cell phones allow? The other day, I was waiting at the doctor’s office, and everyone’s eyes were glued to their phones.

Are we closer or further apart? Tell us what you think about this topic. We would love for you to stop by and have a faceto-face conversation with us. We are, however, open to Facebook posts, too.

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