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Publisher’s Points to Ponder: Overcoming

This past Sunday, I visited both Southside Baptist Church and Rising Star Baptist Church. Just as I was sitting in Rising Star with nothing to ponder for the week, Pastor Louis Golden gave me wonderful context inspired by his sermon and the personal testimonies of the members and visitors. This newfound inspiration caused me to reflect on Pastor Andy’s sermon about FAITH that I’d heard earlier.

Pastor Andy preached from Hebrews Chapter 11. You may know or recall that this book is filled with examples about various Biblical characters’ walks of faith. The chapter is a revelation of what occurred as a result of believing in the promises of God. These examples are also an indication of what is possible when you believe in the specific promises of God as they relate to your individual circumstances.

I started my faith journey before I actually accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior when I was 8 years old sitting on the front pew of Shiloh Baptist Church in Natchitoches, Louisiana. Since that time, I’ve been on a rollercoaster as I battle with reasoning vs. believing. Nevertheless, I always come to my senses when I hear other believers share their stories, or when I read the amazing stories in the Bible.

Listening to the testimonies of other believers last Sunday, made me wonder why we choose to keep quiet about overcoming our struggles? Commenting on the things we struggle with can be a blessing to someone else who may share a similar struggle. As the church-goers at Rising Star shared their testimonies about the amazing things they’ve overcome, excitement filled the room and hope found its place in the hearts of everyone. Overcoming positions us to be a blessing to others. Let me know your thoughts.

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