The Other Hoax

Emotion is a powerful force. If you think about it, every decision we make has an emotional element. Dating and marriage are definitely the results of emotion. But even the car we drive, the food we decide to order, the clothes we wear are all based on an emotional level. We choose things based on how strongly we want them. We choose the style, the color, the taste based on how they make us feel rather than how logically we need them. If we were purely logical, our car would be a basic form of transportation with four wheels and a motor with just enough horse power to get us to and from the house and our food would be a few slices of bread with a slice of meat or cheese or ramen noodles every day. But the forces of advertising and our own desires play on our emotion to live beyond logical thinking. Even when we think we are making logical decisions, they really are based on the emotional desire for that particular thing and we use logic to justify the reasoning for the decision.

And that is why the hoax of climate change is so pervasive today because it plays on our emotion that we have only a short time to save planet earth from inhabitable desolation. I call climate change a hoax not so much from the science behind it but from who is pushing the climate agenda and the media forces that are heralding their movement. Make no mistake; the United States is the most powerful economic and military force in the world. There is more wealth here than anywhere else and we continue to be in the crosshairs of every other country envious of that position and would like to grab as much of our wealth as possible. Since the end of World War II, nations have been actively trying to infiltrate our political and economic systems in order to bring us down to their level. We are the big stick and many nations like France, Germany, and Great Britain are not going to settle until the United States is brought down more than a few pegs.

And the strongest effort to do that today is through economic sanctions from the causes of global warming of which the U.S. is culprit number one according to international scientists. Sanctions vary from an international tax on carbon output to the pressure of giving up fossil fuels in our daily lives. But look at who is pushing global warming. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is composed of foreign government scientists backed by the United Nations. The U.N. has never been a friendly venue for the United States, so the motive behind man made global warming is highly suspect. Even still, the science given as proof of global warming are theories based on computer models that have been “tweaked” to match historic levels. Additionally these are theories that have not been tested to the scientific null and are forecast years ahead where none of us will be alive to prove the reality of the premise.

Complicit in the climate change hoax are the media outlets that deem any climate change opposition as kooks or some other form of low intelligent life. Just Google the term “climate change skeptics” and 99% of the response hits are about the deniers and kooks who doubt the “consensus” of world scientists (Google is 100% behind the global warming movement). There is a consensus all right and the consensus of these U.N. scientists is that the United States must redistribute its wealth to other nations in the form of a carbon tax as well as give up petroleum which fuels our first class destroyers, aircraft carriers, bombers and fighter jets so we then become a second or third rate power. Climate change is a political hoax pulling at your emotional strings to save the planet while achieving the objective of bringing down the military and economic strength of America. Do you really believe that man can destroy the Earth that God created? Yes, something happened to the dinosaurs long ago: they are extinct and it wasn’t because of man. As catastrophic as that may have been, we are here today. Life on Earth has been flourishing ever since. Now do we really believe we can destroy what God created?

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