My Nickel’s Worth

It is an unexpected, perhaps one time benevolent act, offered to someone in need.  You have heard of it – it’s called Random Acts of Kindness (ROAK).  Giving a compliment.  Speaking a word of encouragement.  Telling a joke.  Mowing someone’s lawn.  Paying for the person’s meal.  There are an infinite number of ways to help a person have a better day.  You know what it feels like to be the benefactor of ROAK, and most likely, you have shown a random act of kindness toward others.  What a feeling.  It’s a winwin for all concerned.

Approximately three weeks ago, a young Florida boy designed a homemade T-shirt representing the University of Tennessee for his school’s College Colors Day.  He couldn’t afford to buy a shirt, so he wore an orange shirt with a piece of paper attached to it with the homemade design drawn on it.  Many kids in the school ridiculed him until he was devastated and in tears.  In an unexpected and spontaneous act, his teacher began reaching out to people through social media in hopes of connecting with people from the University of Tennessee.  Almost immediately, the post went viral!  Within a couple of hours, the teacher was contacted by a university official who arranged to send a special care package to him filled with T-shirts, jerseys, hats, etc. But it didn’t stop there.  ; The university decided to use the boy’s design and make it an official school shirt, with a portion of the proceeds donated to STOMP Out Bullying.  The shirt became so popular, the University of Tennessee online store website crashed due to the amount of people trying to order a shirt.  When the teacher told the boy what was happening, she said “his jaw dropped.”  She continued, “He had a big smile on his face, walked taller, and I could tell his confidence grew today!” All of this because the teacher showed compassion and took a minute to see if she could help the boy.  

Think of what Olney would be like if a cycle of kindness is created.  People looking out for people.  People spontaneous helping others.  Keep your eyes open today; I bet you will see someone in some sort of need – whether large or small.  As the saying goes, “What goes around, comes around.”

It’s a Win-Win.

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