My Nickel’s Worth

As someone who has never gone a day without eating chocolate, I was happy to learn that research has shown now that chocolate cake has health benefits! According to some recent research, studies have shown that using this tactic can lead to weight loss over a certain period of time.

Junk food is best to be eaten first thing in the morning and alongside a few proteins and carbs, this can lead to you losing your craving of chocolate later in the day. This can also include biscuits, candy bars, etc. depending on what you prefer, and the studies that have been shown suggest that this is the way to go. For example, the “Irish Independent” conducted this study with two separate groups—“scientists split 193 clinically obese participants into two groups. One group consumed a lowcarb breakfast that had 330 calories, while the other group scoffed down a 600 calorie breakfast that included a chocolate cake dessert. “ Turns out that the group that had been eating the cake for breakfast, ended up losing 40 pounds more on average than the other group. Both groups that participated ate the same amount of calories each day, with the men eating 1600 calories per day, while the women were around 1400 calories. The group that did not eat the chocolate cake felt that they had “less satisfaction and felt that they were not full. “, while the other group began to feel less of a craving for junk food throughout the day post breakfast. Consuming a larger amount of calories during breakfast, is very good for the function of your body, not to mention being able to not binge eat junk food at night.

As someone who loves chocolate, this is definitely a strategy that I will start to use, given that the later you eat, the less calories you will burn in a day. Your body’s metabolism is at its best in the mornings, which will give you the entire day to burn those calories, rather than only a few hours of less. This is something you might consider in the future, after consulting your doctor of course. Chocolate cake? Maybe so!

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